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"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Seek Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC advice before you sign up to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from your legal obligation as a United States Citizen to pay taxes. Buying into a tax fraud scheme can be very costly.

The Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation conducts criminal investigations regarding alleged violations of the Internal Revenue Code, the Bank Secrecy Act and various money laundering statutes. The findings of these investigations are referred to the Department of Justice for recommended prosecution. 

Sources of Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations can be initiated from information obtained from within the IRS when a revenue agent (auditor) or revenue officer (collection) detects possible fraud. This is why it’s important to hire our firm to represent you in your audit or collection matter when there are possible tax fraud implications.

Prosecution Recommendations

After all the evidence is gathered, the Criminal Investigation either makes the determination that evidence does not substantiate criminal activity, in which case the investigation is ‘discontinued,’ or the evidence is sufficient to support the recommendation of prosecution. Contact our firm immediately so we may have an opportunity to obtain a ‘discontinued’ investigation on your behalf before the matter is turned over the Department of Justice for prosecution.


If the Department of Justice accepts the investigation for prosecution, we will fight for the determination that the evidence does not substantiate criminal charges and does not warrant a conviction.

If you or your company may be facing a potential criminal tax problem, we can help.

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