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Specializes in federal and state civil and criminal tax litigation, tax controversies and tax disputes with the federal, state, and local taxing authorities, white collar criminal defense, estate and business planning, probate, tax-exempt organizations, real estate, business and corporate transactions including U.S., and international tax matters.

The lawyers and staff at Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC are dedicated to helping clients meet their business, estate planning, charitable gifts, tax litigation goals and assistance for their catastrophic injuries in car accidents or other motor vehicle collisions.

Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC lawyers provide strong representation and effective advice to their clients. In each representation, our goal is to fully understand the client and the issues at hand and to achieve optimal results. In many instances, we work in tandem with some of the largest tax controversy firms in Texas and throughout the United States.

Our estate planning practice involves working with individuals and organizations in matters pertaining to wealth transfers and related transfer tax issues, including gifts, wills, trusts, probate, and special needs planning and asset protection.

If you cannot pay the taxes you owe, contact Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC because there are payment options available to you. Which option might work best for you generally depends on how much you owe and your current financial situation. Each option has different requirements.


We provide advice with respect to all issues that arise during the life-cycle of business and investment ventures in Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (“LLC”), S Corporations and C Corporations.  Our lawyers draft operating agreements to fit the specific needs of diverse participants, such as...


Having a valid will in place at your death can help make the administration and distribution of your estate easier for those who are left behind. Most of us are concerned (at least to some degree) about what happens to our property at our death and in whose..

The IRS sends notices or letters for any number of reasons. Contact Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC who can help you understand the notice or letter as it may be about a specific issue on your federal tax return or account, or may tell you about changes to your account.. 

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Seek Ghatrehee Law Firm PLLC advice before you sign up to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from your legal obligation as a United States Citizen to pay taxes. Buying into a tax...

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Asset protection is structuring the ownership of one’s assets to safeguard them from potential future risks.  Assets that can be protected include liquid assets, securities, real estate, business interests, professional practices, works of art, intellectual property, cars, boats, jewelry and... 

Our attorneys have proven skills and extensive experience in all aspects of tax controversy including:

  • IRS Collections and Collection Due Process suits

  • Managing IRS examinations

  • Preparing and filing comprehensive written protests to IRS Appeals

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